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The better way to buy groceries.

  • Do your weekly shopping for everything from fruits and veggies to dairy, fish, meats, and snacks.

  • Grab your food at your neighborhood pick-up spot (or start your own!).

My kids rave about the carrots. Carrots! I never thought I’d be breaking up fights over root vegetables.
Kelly Kelleher, Farmigo Organizer in Point Lookout, Long Island

Better for you.

  • Healthy

    Food grown the way nature intended: natural, sustainable and totally delicious.

  • Deliciously Local

    Our food is usually harvested or made after you order, so it’s incredibly fresh and loaded with flavor.

  • Worry Free

    Food you can trust - no extra ingredients, secret processing, or GMOs.

Farmigo is a small revolution. It literally saved my business.
Shankar Venkataraman, farmer & founder of Hillview Organics
  • Happy farmers

    Helps local farms grow and thrive by providing a direct market for their goods.

  • Happy planet

    Reduces nasty pollution and waste from the industrial food system.

  • Happy communities

    Brings us closer to our food, farmers and each other.

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